Hornbeam Hollow The Creation of my New Series
18th July 2018 IN Blog

Would you like to be part of my newest creation? Join me on the journey - from the creation of the characters. right through to the printing of a children’s book and other related products! Hornbeam Hollow is going to be my toughest project yet, and I’d love for some of my fans to join me along the way as we create (hopefully!) a Children's Book Classic! 

2018 Cards, Books, Pins and a Rant!
22nd June 2018 IN Blog

This post is just to touch base with my readers so that you know what's going on with new projects and new releases of cards and books, etc. 

Answering Your Questions About Me
10th October 2017 IN Blog

Well, I keep being sent questions, so I thought it about time to answer some of them for you. I don't really like harping on about myself, but it gave me something to write about on an otherwise quiet evening!