Do you Need Expensive Art Supplies for Great Watercolour Results?
1st August 2017 IN Blog

Do you need to buy the most expensive art supplies to be a successful artist, or can you get away with the cheap stuff? Find out with this little guide aimed at those who want to take up watercolour painting. 

How to Develop your Own Unique Artistic Style
31st July 2017 IN Blog

Have you ever wondered how you create your own style as an artist? Find out what Children’s Book Illustrator and Artist, Kris Miners says about this very subject here.

Greetings Cards and Halloween Folk Art
28th July 2017 IN Announcements

As you know, I've been asked so many times to produce a range of greetings cards in my whimsical Children's Book Style of art, so here is a little update on what's been going on over the past few months!