Amazon Advantage - The Truth about How They Really Treat Authors
8th January 2021 IN Blog

I wanted to share just how badly Amazon treat authors who use their platform to sell books. This short article shares my experiences and why I will NEVER recommend Amazon to anyone, especially a new author. 

The Stages of a Watercolour Painting
23rd July 2020 IN Blog

As you know, I'm often asked questions about how to do this and that when it comes to watercolour illustrations. This time, I aim to offer some advice on which steps need to be taken, and in which order, to create a fantastic piece of watercolour art.

What’s the best Watercolour Paper?
9th July 2020 IN Blog

What's the best choice of watercolour paper for you and your art style? Find out with this easy to understand guide.

What are the Differences between Watercolour Pans and Tubes?
8th July 2020 IN Blog

If you're confused about which to chose, this short article by author and illustrator, Kris Miners, may help.

Hornbeam Hollow: The Legend of Jack the Squeaker
18th June 2020 IN Blog

It's been a year since Hornbeam Hollow: The Hunt for the Halloween Pumpkin was published! It's been great fun hearing from everyone who has purchased a copy, but the one BIG question was "Will there be another in the series"? Well......................

My First Book | Hornbeam Hollow: Hunt for the Halloween Pumpkin
28th June 2019 IN Blog

After a year of hard work, my debut Children’s Book is now available for purchase! Find out some behind the scenes processes and where to purchase your copy of Hornbeam Hollow: The Hunt for the Halloween Pumpkin.

Illustration Group
21st May 2019 IN Blog

I've created a new Illustration Group where you can share your work, or discuss things illustration, as well as day to day off-topic chat. Find out how to join by reading the full blog post.

Raymond Briggs Original Artwork | A Penny for the Old Guy
9th January 2019 IN Blog

I've always wanted to own an original Raymond Briggs Illustration - here is the story of the one that got away! And then, finally found it's forever home!

Hornbeam Hollow – The Creation of my New Series
18th July 2018 IN Blog

Would you like to be part of my newest creation? Join me on the journey - from the creation of the characters. right through to the printing of a children’s book and other related products! Hornbeam Hollow is going to be my toughest project yet, and I’d love for some of my fans to join me along the way as we create (hopefully!) a Children's Book Classic! 

2018 Cards, Books, Pins and a Rant!
22nd June 2018 IN Blog

This post is just to touch base with my readers so that you know what's going on with new projects and new releases of cards and books, etc. 

Answering Your Questions About Me
10th October 2017 IN Blog

Well, I keep being sent questions, so I thought it about time to answer some of them for you. I don't really like harping on about myself, but it gave me something to write about on an otherwise quiet evening!

Stealing Art from Social Media and Websites
4th October 2017 IN Blog

Have you suffered at the hands of a copycat artist? If you, like me, post your work online then the chances are someone, somewhere right now is copying your ideas and passing them off as their own!

How to Draw Like Quentin Blake |in Celebration of Roald Dahl Day
13th September 2017 IN Blog

Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw like Quentin Blake - the Children's Book Illustrator that brought Roald Dahl's creations to life on paper? Kris Miners shows you how to do just that in this half hour video tutorial - painting Matilda!

Do you Need Expensive Art Supplies for Great Watercolour Results?
1st August 2017 IN Blog

Do you need to buy the most expensive art supplies to be a successful artist, or can you get away with the cheap stuff? Find out with this little guide aimed at those who want to take up watercolour painting. 

How to Develop your Own Unique Artistic Style
31st July 2017 IN Blog

Have you ever wondered how you create your own style as an artist? Find out what Children’s Book Illustrator and Artist, Kris Miners says about this very subject here.

Happy New Year | 2017 Art Update
9th January 2017 IN Blog

This post is just to wish you all a very Happy New Year and also include a little update of what’s on the cards for 2017.

Christmas Paintings and a General Catch-Up
15th November 2016 IN Blog

Just a general catch up in the world of Children’s Illustration in this week’s Blog Post!

Children’s Book Illustrators in the UK
8th November 2016 IN Blog

Finding an illustrator in the UK to bring your story book to life through whimsical and seasonal illustration is never easy – so I’ve written a short piece on my work and what I can offer authors of children’s books. I hope you find this information useful.

New Website Launched!
7th November 2016 IN Blog

Welcome to my new whimsical art website! Please check back frequently if you are a fan of children's book style art. Not only will I be adding recent paintings and drawings, but I will be adding much more. Read the full BLOG post for more information.