2018 Cards, Books, Pins and a Rant!

2018 Cards, Books, Pins and a Rant!

22nd June 2018 IN Blog

It’s been a busy year, but equally a year where all seems to have blurred into one. The very late “spring”, or lack of didn’t help, as we seemed to step straight from winter into summer in a single week. One moment there were icicles hanging from the house up to three feet long and snow blowing around, and then, all of a sudden, sun cream needed to be applied to save from being burnt.

I’ve not been particularly well since December – nothing major, but I’ve managed to catch almost every virus going this year (that’s the trouble with having children!) – in fact, other than three weeks in May I’ve felt under the weather since Boxing Day 2017, so I’ve not been as active on the “art for fun” side of things – although it’s been business as usual with work type projects in the illustration world, as well as my other very stressful jobs!

Late last year I was asked to illustrate a fun story about two dogs that go on a Christmas Eve adventure, and so the first part of the year was dedicated to this projects which entailed the creation of several human characters, some elves, and Santa, as well as a sausage dog and border collie who are the main protagonists throughout this fun children’s book. I hope to have some news on the launch date soon.

Book Project

In addition to this book I’ve been working on around 30 new designs for Halloween 2018, so I’ve introduced some new Halloween Pin Badges and lots of new greetings cards. I also have a couple of other potential book projects in the pipeline as well as a personal project that I hope to have more news on soon…. I’m just waiting to hear back on my trademark applications before divulging further.

Some negative news though….. I’m considering withdrawing my services for custom art projects – the main reason being (and excuse me for not sugar coating the pill) is that I like many other artists, I get sick and tired of people trying to take advantage of me or just needlessly messing me around. So far this year, I’ve had countless messages from people expecting me to illustrate books for free, or create wall hangers for nothing more than pocket money! Sorry, but, I, like you, have lots of bills to pay and I value a week of time at a lot more than what would buy a couple of fancy coffees……. I even had this from a fellow artist recently! It’s a shame, as I enjoy working on custom pieces for clients, but I am seriously considering dropping any custom work and only accepting commissions from publishing houses as it’s a real time killer and pain in the backside! I don’t know many people who would work for a week or maybe two, on a single project and quite literally only expect to be paid less than one-hour minimum wage! Anyway, rant over on this point!

So, going forward I hope to have some news on some of the book work that I’ve been doing – release dates, etc and some of my most recent pins and cards can be found by CLICKING HERE. Hopefully, time permitting I will be able to work on a few more YouTube projects – but I need your support to do so, so please check out my videos section on the website and interact with videos as it would be great to hear from my readers.


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