Christmas Paintings and a General Catch-Up

Christmas Paintings and a General Catch-Up

15th November 2016 IN Blog

This Blog post is really just a catch up to keep those who are interested in the ‘latest’ goings on at the art studio! But before I start, I’d to thank each and every one of you for your kind messages about the new website and for all of the thoughtful comments that I’m sent via Facebook – it’s a pleasure to read each of them, so thank you!

Now that Halloween is over I begin to receive lots of requests to create Christmas paintings, or anything with a whimsical and wintery theme. Despite the lack of daylight, painting always seems more rewarding in the autumn and winter, and although it’s still November, it is beginning to feel somewhat Christmassy already.

So far I’ve been creating (upon request) lots of snowy landscapes and Victorian toy shop window displays with warm glowing lights and lots of colourful Christmas ornaments on show. As well as these, there have been several old fashioned street lights that I feel give off the old-fashioned Christmas vibe – especially if popped into a grey and bleak winter backdrop. As usual, most of the paintings have been created with watercolours and sometimes inks, although in the coming weeks I’m going to be field-testing some new Caran d'ache luminance pencils and hopefully introduce them into some of watercolour pictures to create what is commonly known as ‘mixed media’ – something I tend not to do that often…. Well, apart from a few ink lines anyway.

Mouse In Snow

In the next few days I’m traveling to Norfolk (UK) to spend some time overlooking the beach from an old (but still in-use) lighthouse where I try to visit once or twice a year to get some new inspiration and escape the rat race. So, maybe in the coming weeks there will be some lighthouse-themed paintings popping up on my social media channels, as well as the usual offerings.

That’s it for now – just a quick catch-up this time. However, if you require any images designed and supplied before Christmas, please email me sooner rather than later as I don’t have much room left to take on more work for this year (2016). Thank you for reading and please don’t forget to view the art galleries on the website – some of them are updated several times a week and at this time of year it’s usually the winter themed gallery.


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