Hornbeam Hollow: The Legend of Jack the Squeaker

Hornbeam Hollow: The Legend of Jack the Squeaker

18th June 2020 IN Blog

It's almost been a year to the day since I launched my debut children's book – Hornbeam Hollow: The Hunt for the Halloween Pumpkin. Since this time, the book has spent a year in the 'top 100' books of it's category – often in the TOP TEN!

I've been invited to sign copies of my book up and down the country from book stores to historically important sites. I've also had the chance to meet lots of nice people that have purchased my book (both children and adults) which has been an incredibly rewarding process – there's nothing quite like signing your own book!

It's been fantastic hearing from readers and even receiving fan mail from schools, parents and children – all completely unexpected, but very much appreciated.

Another aspect that I wasn't expecting was to hear how my story brought joy to children who were going through some very tough and challenging times while in hospitals and hospices. Some of the messages that I received were incredibly poignant and very meaningful to me – thank you.

Will there be another book in the series?

The Legend of Jack the Squeaker

One of the questions that I received more than any other was "when will the next book be available"? I didn't have an answer to this, but after so many kind words from you, I decided to work on the next book in the series almost right away.  

Writing and illustrating a book is never an easy process, and when you take full control of a project and don't use the 'generic' methods offered by conglomerates, it is a vast and complicated process – one that takes a long time to complete. The written element takes me very little time, but the illustration process and design aspect take months!

It's now been a year of hard work and stress, but above all, it has been fun too!

So, with that, I am pleased to announce that Hornbeam Hollow: The Legend of Jack the Squeaker will be hitting the bookshelves very soon!

I'd like to take this time to personally thank everyone who has purchased a copy of my first book, or taken the time to read free copies that I have supplied to those not in a position to purchase copies, such as libraries, hospitals and schools. It means to a lot to hear from you all, and gives me immense pleasure to know that my books are being read around the globe – and in the instance of my first book, becoming a Halloween –time tradition!

I'm known primarily for my Halloween and holiday-type illustrations, and Hornbeam Hollow: The Legend of Jack the Squeaker will still have elements of Halloween but is primariliy focused on November 5th - bonfire night.

So, now that book two is ready, what about book three? Well, the truth is, I need to see how well book two sells. I'm not focused on making lots of money from my books – I want them to be read and enjoyed above anything else, but due to the sheer amount of time and cost involved in making them, I do need to cover these costs. So, with your support for all of my books and other work I will aim to come back with a third book in the series (and hopefully many more). … can you guess the next theme? There are clues in book two!

Thank you for your ongoing support – it's very much appreciated!

Hornbeam Hollow Bonfire


Kris....I am so glad to see your 2nd book completed...I have been a fan what seems like forever...thanks for your artistry and your giving...
Ann O'Shea ON 19th June 2020
Ever since I saw your site on Etsy I am a huge fan of your book and your lovely illustrations. My son loved the book. We can't wait to get a copy of Jack the Squeaker when it's available.
Robin Maruschke ON 18th June 2020