New Website Launched!

New Website Launched!

7th November 2016 IN Blog

I'm delighted to announce the launch of my new website! Recently, I’ve been inundated with requests asking me where my art can be seen. Other than a basic website and Facebook, I've not had a one-stop place to display my 'recent' work..... Until now!

So, what can you expect from the new website? Good question! Here I will aim to include my most recent art, and update the site frequently - hopefully at least once a week!

As well as my latest children's book illustrations, I will also include news of my work, including greetings cards and prints, but more importantly I have a new blog where I promise to include some articles and how-to guides for those who enjoy the whimsical and children's book style illustrations. I'd love you all to get involved with this, so if you have questions about art, or some articles that you enjoy, just let me know via the comments here, or via my Facebook page.

Although the site is new and my main 'gallery', I will still add unique content to Facebook and Instagram, so please like my page and follow me on Instagram and I promise to include some behind the scenes style posts as well - such as works in progress and general day-to-day type posts. And, if you love seasonal pictures, such as Halloween and Christmas, then I'm often posting a lot more in the lead up to holidays/events, so be sure to check out my Social Media channels. I've recently (at the time of writing) been adding a new Halloween style painting for each day of October!

I hope you all love the new website as much as I do. Please visit frequently if you enjoy my art.

Thank you so much for your support!



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