Painting Challenge

Painting Challenge

25th September 2017 IN News

This is a new feature for the website and one that I hope you will all enjoy! To become involved just leave your comments below (it must be on this page) detailing what you’d like me to draw and paint! Each week, or month if I’m extra busy I will randomly select a winning comment and I will draw/paint the subject matter and share it across my Facebook and Instagram pages for everyone to see.

There’s no physical ‘prize’ just a mention on the social media pages and a shared picture that I’ve created using your idea or theme. The pictures will be stored in my personal portfolio.

So, the question is, what would you like me to paint? Answers in the comments sections below and once approved they will appear on this page and the winning idea will be chosen at random.

Please visit back here on a regular basis to submit additional ideas! Lastly, don't forget to find me on Facebook AND Instagram (find me under where I will share the winners!


Watched your YouTube video doing a transcript on Quentin Blake. Found it interesting in that you explained that it was harder than it looks.
Thank you.
Sarah Orchard
Sarah Orchard ON 28th December 2019
I love conkers and acorns and as you love all things autumnal thought this would be a good one. 👏🏻
Paula ON 10th October 2017
Id love you to draw French bulldogs in fancy dress. I have a brindle and fawn coloured frenchies and the are my world. Plus frenchies look great when drawn 😁🐶 Thanks
Anne ON 9th October 2017
Mom of 3♡ a picture of little oil lamps and a Momma reading bedtime story with their little heads and eyes showing, They're under a quilt blanket...maybe she's reading a spooky story. ..and a little jack o lantern on a table too.
Michelle ON 26th September 2017
I LOVE you're drawings. I'm not sure if you make children's books, but if not you should think about it. I would buy them all!! Lol
How about A woodland creature family sitting around a campfire... roasting marshmallows/smores and telling spooky stories with an Autumn background 🍂🍁
Lakan ON 25th September 2017
Hello Kris, thanks for the opportunity. I would really like to see aliens and a flying saucer i know its a bit off topic, hope you like it X
Kelly Pattinson ON 25th September 2017
A family of Jack Russell dogs inside their home together around the fireplace.

My dog and her sibling were found scavenging for food 3 years ago when she was puppy in between cities. They were picked up and taken to the humane society here in my city where I adopted her the next morning by chance. If she hadn't wondered off, I like to imagine she would be doing exactly what I described above 😊
Ali ON 25th September 2017