A Dog’s Diary: Honey Comes Home

A Dog’s Diary: Honey Comes Home

1st May 2017 IN Work

I’ve kept dogs all of my life, I’ve had golden retreviers, dobamans, bullmastaiffs, French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs and pugs to name just a few of the breeds. Many of these furry friends were rescued from varuois different places over the years – so dogs have always played an important part in my life, and are very often the cause behind any uneven lines in my drawings or splotches of random paint!

With this in mind, I was happy to be asked to illustrate a short story to help raise money and awareness for Battersea Dog’s Home. I receive many requests for charitable work each year, but due to time restrictions I’m not always able to help, but on this occasion I was happy to change my diary around and squease this litle project in – so I said yes!

I was tasked to create a character (golden Labrador, named Honey) in a child-friendly style of illustration to help tell a story from the dog's perspective with a limited amount of pictures. I started by creating several versions of Honey, but the first handful of roughs were a little too cartoony (if that's a word!) or realistic, so after about seven different designs I finally settled upon the final version of her character that I feel complimented the story best, which is written by the very talented author E.S Mayer.

Dogs Diary

To begin, the book is available as a downloadable Kindle edition for a very low price and may be purchased on Amazon (click here). I believe there are plans to offer a printed version soon too - in which case I will update you all as soon as I know more.

Please help support Battersea Dog's Home buy purchasing a copy of this short tale - it makes a great difference and all proceeds will go to helping rescue our fuzzy companions.


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