Greetings Cards and Halloween Folk Art

Greetings Cards and Halloween Folk Art

28th July 2017 IN Work

If you follow my work, then you know how much I love seasonal art, especially Halloween Folk Art and Christmas paintings – both of which I produce for clients as well as personal projects.

For the past 3 years I’ve received countless requests to produce a range of hand-painted greetings cards for special occasions and holidays. It wasn’t until last year that I decided to look into this a little more and this year I decided to produce a range of 50 different designs – most of which are for Halloween and Christmas.

My new range of greetings cards are available in some shops – especially boutique style shops wishing to offer a more exclusive range of goods, but they can also be purchased directly from me via my Etsy Shop. As well as retail, I will also be supplying on a wholesale basis, so should you have a shop and want to stock unique cards please feel free to contact me.

In addition to my new range of Halloween and Christmas cards, I’ve also produced some Halloween stickers and Halloween Enamel Pin Badges that I’m particularly pleased with. The enamel pins are made in small numbers, so if you’d like one in time for Halloween please check them out sooner rather than later as they’re selling fast!

Mr Pumpkin Halloween Badge

In the coming months, I will also be launching a range of high-quality Giclée Prints of some of my work and these will most likely be available from sometime next year (2018).

In the meantime I’m working on several personal projects and work for several clients.


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