Halloween Art and Halloween Pin Badges now Available

Halloween Art and Halloween Pin Badges now Available

18th September 2017 IN Work

As most of you have probably already noted – I am a self-confessed Halloween Addict and much of my art and design work is centred on creating Halloween characters for children’s story books, Halloween and autumnal greetings cards and other Halloween-themed products. This year, I’ve decided to hand-design and introduce a trio of collectable Halloween Pin Badges!

What makes my Halloween Enamel Pin Badges Different?

Unlike most things these days, my Halloween Pins are designed from original watercolour or ink paintings / drawing. I’m not a fan of creating everything digitally, although, or course, there is a digital process in almost everything these days, at least to a small degree - but with my pins I have kept this to a bare minimum and the digital design process has simply been done by converting hand painted originals – for example, below is the original design of my ‘Mr Pumpkin’ badge which was done using watercolours and inks.

Hand Painting Pin Badge

In addition to my pins, I have also produced over 50 unique and hand-painted seasonal greetings cards for 2017. These cards are available in some stores around the world, but they, along with my Halloween Pins may be purchased through my new Etsy Store – so there is no travelling to get one, simply order via this link and I’ll send it directly to your door, no matter where you live!

Of course, I don’t only make and design Halloween products – most of year I am working on all manner of different custom designs for clients, but I have always been drawn to anything autumn or winter themed. In the coming months I will be focusing on my Christmas designs and even producing some new hand-painted designs for next Christmas (yes, I work 12-18 months ahead of schedule) and will also be working on some new and exciting projects for clients such as Children’s Story Books.

Do you love Halloween? What is your favourite thing about this season? Leave your comments below – I always love to hear from my readers and don’t forget to head over to my social media pages – especially Facebook and YouTube as I’m most active on these, and I’m working on lots of new and seasonal content for them both.


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