Private Art Commissions

If I’ve directed you to this page then first of all ‘thank you’ for your interest in my work and commissioning your own unique piece of art. The following information is to give you a good overview of what I offer and a very rough guide to costs and what is included in a private commission.

A private commission is a piece of art that is for personal enjoyment only. If you require me to create a piece under license for commercial work (i.e. Greetings Cards, Children’s Books), then please drop me an email via the contact form as the following will not apply to this type of work.

How Does the Process Work?

Each commission that I work on takes a great deal of planning and a series of ‘roughs’ before getting the final concept onto a piece of paper. Even the simplest of paintings or drawings usually have far more work and thought go into it than you may at first think.

Step One – Speaking with you

I will initially ask you some questions about the project so that I can capture exactly what you want from the image. I always try to include some hidden, meanings too, so favourite colours, special names, etc. that I’m able to add to background detail are always welcome. I will also need to know the size of the desired piece and whether or not you’d like it to be painted with a framing mount in mind – images look much nicer if mounted.

Step Two - Creating the ‘roughs’

Once I know exactly what you want, I start off by drawing roughs – these are simple drawings of the subject in various different sizes, poses, scenarios, etc. This takes anything from an hour or so to a couple of days depending on exactly what it is that you want me to create. These will usually be sent for approval and it is now that any ‘changes’ need to be made.

Step Three – Refining

Now that the rough sketch has been approved I will begin to refine the drawing by recreating it on the desired paper – this will vary according to the method being used, but I only use high-quality and acid-free paper.

Step Four – Adding the Colours

This is the fun part! Once the outlines are complete I begin to add the colours and finer details, such as texture and shadows. This is the most time-consuming part, lasting several hours to several days depending on the piece and whether or not I’m building the colours in layers. The more layers the longer the drying time and longer the overall piece takes to complete.

Guide of Costings

As you can see, even the simple looking paintings include a lot more work than it may appear at first. My average time on a single painting will be around 7-12 hours. Within my prices (in addition to my time) I include all materials required – each being of archival quality and I use premium paper too. Whilst each picture will vary in cost, I generally charge (for non-commercial work) between £100.00 (my base-rate fee) and £195.00. Paintings without background detail are generally cheaper – those with complex backgrounds like my galaxy paintings are generally more expensive due to the amount of time and materials required to create them. Galaxy images generally take me 30+ hours to create and use a minimum of £15.00 of materials. Where I can, I also include fully-tracked delivery within my prices, although for overseas shipping there will be an additional fee on top.

As an example, images labelled with an ‘A’ below would fall within the lower price-point and those denoted with a ‘B’ would fall within the higher price-points due to the complex nature of them - but it's always worth asking me first for what sometimes looks more complex and time-consuming isn't always so. In fact, it's sometimes the more simplistic designs that require more work.

Private Art Commissions

Private Art Commissions

Private Art Commissions

Private Art Commissions

I hope that you have found this information helpful, and if, after reading this you are still interested in having your own piece of art created for you, please feel free to email me using the contact section of the website, or contact me via my Facebook page. Or, you can view my Etsy Shop if you'd prefer prints of existing work.

As a starting point, (if possible) please include with your message the answers to the following questions:

1) Subject matter (with or without a background).
2) A rough size of the painting – I will confirm the types of mount that best fit it.
3) Your deadline – I usually complete projects within 3-8 weeks.
4) Your location (this is for shipping purposes).

I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully working on your project soon!